Classroom Objects for 7th graders



1. Limit yourself to the material provided on the website.

2. Punctuality is highly important, make sure to send the homework before October 25th. 

3. For Step 4  send the crossword in .pdf format to the following email account: (marvingn23@gmail.com).

4. Be neat and clear.

5. Be creative and original.

6. The work is going to be evaluated according to the following evaluation rubric chart.


# Excellent 4 Very good 3 Satisfactory 2 Needs improvement 1 Score
Content The written outcome shows the content required in different contexts. The topic is descriptive and excellently managed. There are minimal inadequacies in the content. Clearly transmit the ideas. The content that supports different topics and the samples given are regular. Harder work is needed. The content as well as the samples are limited or inadequate. Explanations are poor in descriptions. --
Organization Information is very organized and providing enough examples. The information is well organized and it has an acceptable order. The idea is well developed throughout the text. Information is organized, but sentences are not well-constructed. Leads to confusion. The information appears to be disorganized and incomplete. --
Grammar There are a few grammatical or none. Sentences show grammatical variety, including the structure required. Mistakes in grammar are not a problem for communication, though, some improvement is needed. More grammatical structures are needed. Grammatical mistakes do not obscure the meaning, but they evidence the need for harder work and more practice. Use limited structures required. There are many and relevant grammatical mistakes that cause misunderstanding and/or confusion. Patterns remain Spanish like. --
Vocabulary Recognition of all the words. Recognition of most words. Recognition of words appropriate to grade level but experiences difficulty. Unfamiliar with many words. --

Total Score:

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