5 Components of Fitness and the Fitt Principle



This is a qualitative, analytic rating scale used to assess the students responses to the WebQuest.  The student can earn 50 points for the research and 7 day fitness plan portion of the assignment and 50 points for the performance and testing portion.  The personal fitness plan is much more difficult and requires more effort than scavenging the web in order to complete the questions; therefore the 7 day fitness plan is worth 30 points of the 50.  It is also a task students must master in order to meet Tennessee's  physical education standards.   


# 0 - No Evidence 1 - Developing 2 - Near Proficient 3 - Proficient Score
Portfolio/Notebook Lacking any evidence the student attempted the assignment. There is nothing documented, researched, or written down Many observable errors. The information is lacking with few notes taken and little or no questions answered. It appears the student did not conduct any research into the information given There are few observable errors. Most questions are answered and notes are legibly written.There is evidence the student conducted some research There are no observable errors. Notes and research are adequate and all questions are answered correctly. 20
Sample 7 day workout program There is no evidence the student attempted the assignment. Many observable errors. Students goal is not stated and the FITT formula was not used.Exercises do not support cardiovascular endurance. The student did not provide a chart or spreadsheet Few observable errors.The students fitness goal was documented. The FITT formula was used, but did not reflect an understanding of frequency, intensity, time, and type. The workout is in a chart or spreadsheet format, and the exercises support CV endurance. No evidence of any errors. Students fitness goal was documented and the student utilized the FITT formula effectively and demonstrated an understanding of the concepts. The exercises are all appropriate 30
Fitness Test Written Student did not develop a fitness test, nor did he/she have any evidence of a test recorded in their physical education folder. There is some evidence of a written fitness test but covered only a few of the health and skill related components. Student had written test prepared in physical education folder and had most of the health and skill related components. Student had the written test prepared with all of the health and skill related components covered. 25
Fitness Test Performance Student did not perform a fitness test. Student barely attempted to perform a fitness test. Student did most of the fitness test with effort. Student did all of the fitness test and performed to the best of their ability. 25

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