Bicycle Safety: The Importance of Wearing a Safety Helmet




# Beginning Good Very Good Execellent Score
Written Work The paper does not display a clear concept of Team topic of bicycle safety and does not meet the required length. The paper reflects SOME knowledge of bicycle safety Team topic but does not meet the length requirement. The paper shows an adequate grasp of the Team's bicycle safety topic but lacks depth. This paper addressed ALL main points of Team's topic as well as has a clear focus and meets the appropriate length requirement %25
Creative Activities Does not complete any of the extra assignments Completes fully one of the extra assignments but not the others Finishes most of the extra worksheets but not finish all three completely. Fully completes extra worksheets and coloring assignments. %25
Poster Vision of poster not clear and audience struggles to grasp all necessary components Displays SOME of topics but delivery is unclear and can only be grasped by some of the audience Displays MOST of topics but delivery to audience can only be grasped by most of the audience Displays ALL of topics and necessary components in a clear fashion for all the audience to grasp %25
Demonstrative Performance Has little to no ability to demonstrate bicycle safety efficiently Somewhat displays comprehension of bicycle safety. Has knowledge of most of the bicycle safety rules but unable to demonstrate appropriately. Displays full comprehension of bicycle safety and demonstrates bicycle safety appropriately %25

Total Score: %100

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