Pre-reading Activity: Night and the Holocaust



You will be assessed basedon 2 different criteria:

1. Web Quest: (30 points)

a. Answers to questions will be graded

b. Ability to work on computer and research

c. Ability to work with apartner

d. Uses time wisely to complete project within allotted time frame

2. Powerpoint (70 points)

____ Colorful/ Easy to read/ Easy to see (10 points)

____ Graphics used appropriately (10 points)

____ 10 + slides -- include 2 KWL charts and 2 letters to author (10 points)

____ Spelling and grammar (10 points)

____ Space/ Graphic Organizer/ Presentation neat and orderly (10 points)

____ Main points highlighted, not just paragraphs to read (10 points)

____ Appropriately illustrates research/Professional, sources cited, information accurate (10 points)


____ Total for PowerPointPresentation

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