Discovery of Bermuda



Your assessment will be based on the following quiz:

1) Name 2 early explorers to Bermuda?

2) Give a reason for Bermuda's discovery?

3) Who was Bermuda named after?

4) Draw a map of how the early Explorers would have found Bermuda from the Old World?

5) Write a paragragh on what Bermuda would be like if the Spanish Explorers stayed in Bermuda.


# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Early Explorers Needs help Identifying Early Explorers Identify the names of Explorers but loses the context Shows a good grasp on the early explorers Show excelllent knowledge of the topic. 1-4
Map Lacks understanding of Geographic position of Bermuda Understands location but can not connect the trade routes Shows a good grasp of the trade routes a map of the Atlantic Ocean Excellent grasp on the Geographic location and trade routes 1-4
Reasons for early Visitors lacks knowledge of early visitors show understnding but lacks knowledge of early vistors shows a good understanding and knowledge of early visitors Understanding and knowledge is excellent 1-4
Overall Understanding Lacks understand Has a good grasp on the topic Very good understanding of the topic Excellent understanding of the topic 1-4

Total Score: 16

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