Why ....oh...why are my cookies so dense?



Students are evaluated using the evaluation rubrics provided.  At the end of the quest the students will be able to determine the variables that are present in the recipe and the variables associated with the baking of the cookies that might cause their cookies to be yucky.


# No understanding of concepts Developing understanding of concepts Basic understanding of concepts Proficent understanding of concepts Score
Draw phase change diagram and label itcorrectly No diagram Diagram drawn but no labels. Diagram drawn and labels not correctly placed. Diagram drawn and labeled correctly. 4
Students will complete a T-chart with appropriate information to describe the differences between physical and chemical changes in matter. No T-chart completed. T-chart completed but only one comparison has been made. T-chart completed with at least two comparisons made. T-chart completed with at least two comparisons and examples provided. 4
Recipe submitted from web site provided.The item also must be e-mailed to the instructor. No recipe Recipe provided through assigned web-site, but not from assigned web site. Recipe provided from assigned web site but not present in the e-mail attachment. Recipe provided and present in the e-mail as an attachment. 4
History of the cookie time line. No time line provided Time line provided but information is not accurate. Time line provided and some information is accurate. Time line is provided and all information is accurate and sequential. 4

Total Score: 16




  • Two point respose rubric
    Description: This is the rubric that you will use for all of your responses in this web quest. You may print it out or toggle beween pages as you do your work.


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