Traveling Through the USA




# Mastery 4 Proficent 3 Developing 2 Beginning 1 Score
Cooperative Learning Works well with the group, provides, guidance, support and helps maintain a group dynamic. Works well with the group and provides appropriate feedback when needed. Helps the group, but needs constant support. Depends on group and doesn't help in the learning process.
Individual Job Effort Shows excellent effort and utlizes time wisely. Shows great effort and doesn't waste too much time. Shows good effort, but waste some time. Shows little or no effort and waste a lot of time.
Use of Time Used all class time effectively and efficiently, in a serious manner, and helped keep the group on task and focused during the group work. Used class time effectively and was focused and serious during group work. Did not always use time effectively but usually was focused and serious. Often was unfocused and wasted classtime.
Final Project Brochure Very neat and done correctly. There are no spelling or grammar errors. Neat, but has 3-5 errors in spelling and grammar. Slightly messy and has 6-10 errors in spelling and grammar. Very messy and has more than 10 errors in spelling and grammar.

Total Score: /100

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