The Lorax Extra Credit

Evaluation of your work


Please review the below rubric before starting your assignments.  Take into consideration every criteria presented.


# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Quality of Writing Incomplete work; numerous grammatical errors and/or misspelled words. But you'll do better. Work is complete but some misspelled words and/or grammatical errors. Minimal or no grammatical errors or misspelled words; needs only minor refinements. High quality with no errors. 25%
Organization of Material Unorganized. Incomplete or sloppy. Someone will help you. Organization of the material is of average quality, but needs more work. Organization of material is satisfactory. Work is organized in a logical, reader-friendly format. Demonstrates high quality. 25%
Originality No original thinking apparent. Some originality is demonstrated. Interesting and original, but needs minor refinements. Original, high quality work. 25%
Presentation Sloppy or incomplete. Unattractive. Many errors. Did your pet monkey do this? Presentation is average. Some mistakes or errors. Presentation is of high quality, but needs some refinements. High quality presentation. No errors. 25%

Total Score: 100

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