La Comida de España



The menu is worth 80 points and the "What do you know about Spanish food?" Worksheet is worth 15 points.  The total point grade for this assignment is 95 and it will be counted as a SUMMATIVE grade.

For the menu: 

You will be creating a menu totally inSpanish. The following things must be included on your menu:

1.   At least 2 choiceseach for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Desserts.  One of each categoryshould be something typical of what people in Spain would eat for thatmeal. 

2.   A name for yourrestaurant (in Spanish, of course)

3.   An address (real orfake) for the restaurant.

4.   Prices for each item(using Euros as Spain does.)

5.   Accurate use ofvocabulary and some detail for each item.

6.   No spelling errors.

7.   Creativity in graphicdesign or color to make your menu inviting.

Below is the rubric I will use to grade your menu and a list of useful words to describe foods:


# 5 10 15 20 Score
Contains all Required Elements Menu lacks more than one of the following things: categories of meals, name of restaurant, address and/or prices Menu lacks one of the following things: categories of meals, name of restaurant, address and/or prices All (or almost all) of the elements are present, but are incomplete or instructions were not followed. All elements are present and are accurate according to the instructions given for the assignment.
Neatness & Creativity Incomplete, not creative, sloppy Not very creative and/or sloppy Somewhat creative and pleasing to the eye. Very creative, colorful and eye-catching. Easy to read
Spelling & Accuracy 5 or more errors in spelling and/or grammar. English is used or vocabulary is used incorrectly. 2-4 errors in spelling and/or grammar. Vocabulary is mostly accurate. 1-2 errors in spelling or grammar. Accurate and good use of vocabulary No errors, very accurate and thorough use of Spanish food vocabulary
Detail No detail about food items is given. Very little detail or description is given for food items. Somewhat detailed and descriptive. Good descriptions of items are given.

Total Score:



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