Roman Gods and Goddesses



This evaluation will be done on the work overall and not the seperate task's


# Poor 1 Good 2 Very Good 3 Great 4 Score
Content Hardly any information if so not very clear reasonable amount of information Good Amount of information and is related to the task Excellent information clearly relating to the task 4
Presentation Not understandable and information is not clear Understandable but not information not clear Information is clear and the presentation is understandable Excellent presentation information is really well done and clear 4
Clarity The work could not be understood and was very messy The work was understandable to a low standard the work was clearly understood and was clean The work could not have been better and was extremely easy to understand 4
Group task Worked very poor together The group work was simple and was at a low standard the group worked well and shared the work load The Group was outstanding together and did an equal amount of work. 4

Total Score: 16

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