Les fromages français et leurs régions / French cheeses and their regions

Processus / Process


This presentation project is spread out into 4 classes.
    Class 1: General Group Activities
        Identify the French cheeses
    Class 2: Small Group Activities
        Webquest tasks page : Watch videos, read texts, take and summarize notes

    Class 3: Small Group Activities
        Create Powerpoint slideshow (Remember all must be in French!)

    Class 4: Class Presentations
        Present in French your discoveries to the other groups

Process Overview -- You will: 

1.    Identify France's cheeses by region
2.    Discover the art of cheese taste testing then taste test for yourselves their flavors and aromas
3.    Work in small groups of three:

  • select a region and cheese
  • watch videos and read texts on the cheese and region you selected
  • take notes on your findings
  • summarize in French the detailed information about them
  • create a Powerpoint slideshow
  • present your discoveries to the class

General Group Activities

1.    Discuss and review France's geographical regions while looking at two wall maps of France.
  • One is general and the other French cheeses and their regions

2.    Webquest: http://www.zunal.com/webquest.php?w=87145  
  • Through screencasting, you will learn how the site functions.
  • Title page: Watch the youtube video "Panorama des familles de fromages"
  • Process page: Read class guidelines
3.   Taste test different French cheeses with traditional French "baguettes".

4.   Peer discussion and memory recall of French vocabulary of cheese names, flavors, aromas and textures.

5.   Matching game: Match the cheese's name and region cards to the cheeses displayed on the table.

Small Group Activities
  1. Choose Partners to make up five small groups of three.

  2. Webquest:
  • Introduction page: Watch videos about the art of taste-testing, watch interactive powerpoint slideshow and complete the five-question mini quiz.
  • Task page: Each small group chooses a cheese, investigates its region by watching videos and reads short texts in French. You will then make a written summary of findings and add personal comments. Make sure to talk about the 'Terroir" and what it means to you.
  • Presentation page: View Powerpoint slideshow on French cheeses. Watch videos on presentation techniques and advice. Use conjugaison.fr and wordreference links to help you solve any problems and questions about grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, etc..
    3.  Create Powerpoint slideshow (a photo gallery folder has been added to each computer's desktop)

    4.  Rehearse French oral presentation at least twice

Class Presentations
  1. Using your powerpoint slideshow, you will present to the rest of the class all that you discovered during your group's webquest.
  2. On your computer's desktop you will see a folder containing many images of French cheeses and their region which you can use to incorporate into your presentations.
  • It is divided into 3 parts: Writing, Speaking/Oral presentation, Slideshow.
  • There are 10 possible points for each section and 30 total possible points.
  • See "Page d'Evaluation" rubric section located in the left sidebar of this Webquest.

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