Endangered Animals: What can we do?



Wow, was that a fun team challenge or what? I thought it was fun, what do you think? What are your thoughts. Get back together with your team and discuss what you liked about the challenge and what you would change if we did another team challenge like this on a different topic. I have written questions that you can ask your team: What are three facts you learned about  our animal and its habitat, what three facts did you learn about a different animal and its habitat, how much information did you know before we began the challenge compared to what information you now know, or was the format fun and exciting? Would you like to do another webquest assignment like we just did? If we did another project, what would you want it to be on? One person can write or you can take turns writing by passing the questions around in your group. Hand in your groups' answers and get out your Action 100 books to read for the next 30 minutes. Thank you for accepting the Team Challenge!

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