Modern Sports



  It is really important to teach to students that practice some sports can help us to live  longer in our life. We can have a better life, to live healthier and get more friends.
In this topic students presented  their favorite sport, and we can ask them about the whole work to make the presentation some questions to realize, if they liked the topic:

  1. Do you practice any sport?
  2. what they learned in the research of the topic?
  3. Was it difficult for them to get information about it?
  4. Did you learn new vocabulary  to prepare the presentation?
  5. Did you feel nervous at the moment to speak in front of the class?
To practice some  sport as a hobby can help to live relaxed, no stress, no tired, no fatigue, no headache.
So, we have take into account sports as good ways to enjoy the like, to have funny moments and the most important thing, we can lose weight.


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