We take it that the student have completed the 40 Minute class session and have followed the web quest task given . Then the following question can be asked to summarize the lesson. Indulge student to see if they have left anything out of their paragraph, that is crucial to the process of digestion before collecting the papers.


1.what is digestion?

2.what is the differences between mechanical and chemical digestion?

3.What is the purpose of the digestive system? 

4. Are teeth important in this system? Why or why not? 

5. After the food is swallowed, where does it go next?  

6.List the fact you found most interesting or surprising in the digestion process?

work sheet to carry home 


1. How does saliva aid in the process of digestion? 

2. Why is the epiglottis important? 

3. How long is the small intestine? 

4. What 3 organs help the small intestine during digestion? 

5. List each organ involved in the digestive process and explain what each does.?

6. Name 2 ways to keep your digestive system in good shape?

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