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"Failure to plan, is planning to fail", "setting goals is important, for if you do not set goals, you are doomed to finish someone else's goals", few of the lines and quotes where the quality standards of a workplace is relatable into.  First, Planning, Planning is important for you to be aware and for you to be reminded of the tasks you and your workers should do on a specific day and when to accomplish it. Planning is also essential in a workplace for it sets your time for working, time for resting, time for manufacturing and also time for planning again. Afterwards, is Setting goals, it is important to be considered in a workplace for it also sets targets to be accomplished in a day, a week or  a month thus, it also sets when a product or good is should be accomplished to meet the expected time of the client and the worker.

Working in a workplace, is not just about working, it is about how you work, how you retain and how you improve your way of working. It is important for you to remember, that is not just part of your life, it's part of serving other people and the community, thus, it's also part of other's life.

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