Technology in Education



It is necessary for educators to acknowledge that technology is limiting and limited. It is limiting because of the inherent values and limited as many educational issues are not technological in nature. New technologies are often a combination of existing technologies in a more sophisticated version. Although technology in the classroom does have many benefits, there are clear drawbacks as well. Limited access to sufficient quantities of a technology, lack of training for teachers, the extra time required for the implementations of technology, and the apprehension associated with assessing the effectiveness of technology in the classroom are just a few of the reasons that technology is often not used extensively in the classroom. Despite these challenges, many states spend large sums of money on technology. However, no state looks at technology return on investment (ROI) to connect expenditures on technology with improved student outcomes.Technology cannot fix all problems and often causes new problems to arise while helping to solve existing ones. Although some world problems like poverty and hunger are not technological ones, education is becoming an issue where the role of technology is gaining prominence. 

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