Compound Interest: The Ninth Wonder of the World



 This Webquest challenged you to think deeply about the issues that deal with your financial security. Now that you have successfully completed the webquest and tasks 1-5, we will continue our lesson in Microsoft Excel. We will use a variety of financial functions to calculate the future value of our investments, calculate home mortgages, car loans, as well as, a function to calculate compound interest. We will then be able to graph our results and represent the data in the form of a 3-D chart. The information obtained from Excel will be inserted into the PowerPoint presentation we created from this webquest reinforcing the concepts learned here. This will add another level of visual impact to our presentation. Congratulations on completing the webquest!

Life will give you whatever you will accept. Life will turn out exactly as you allow it to. If you accept being average and ordinary, life will make you average and ordinary. If you accept living with financial hardships, life will give you hardships and heartaches. If you accept being poor, life will make you poor. It all depends on your attitude and your expectations. Basically, if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. Your financial future is in your hands.”  Art Williams

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