Fellow detectives,

I hope your quest to determine why people are still talking about our main Renaissance man, Leonard da Vinci even today in the 21st century has been successful.  If you closely study the diagram above, I'm sure you will be able to relate to many of the characteristics of Leo you see. 

As you return to the Gene George Detective agency to present your products and presentation to the Manager & Board of Directors, be sure you're ready to effectively communicate the answers to our questions:

1.  Who was this man?
2.  What did he do?
3.  Why are people still talking about him today?
4.   Does he have anything to do with your life today?
5.  And our main question...Why do we call Leo a "True" renaissance man?

Good luck to you all.  It's a shame all of you can't earn permanent employment as I'm sure you've earned it.  To the winning team, congratulations in advance as I'm sure your competition for these jobs has been intense.  It is our hope that you all will always remember what you've learned about Leo:  A "True" Renaissance man!


The staff of the Gene George Detective Agency

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