Identity Theft



Your detective agency has finished it's job and you now have a powerful presentation to make to your community.  You are scheduled to be on the agenda for the next PTSA meeting and your brochures and flyers will be passed out in your neighborhood.  Way to go!!  You may have just prevented a crime!


The key to prevention of identity theft is through education.  We think that what we don't know won't hurt us--but as you have seen with this project--it can and it does.  Through your efforts in this project, you have learned what you and your community can and should be doing to prevent this fast growing crime. 


You will now begin your next adventure by helping with the prevention of kidnapping and soliciting teenagers while in virtual web sites.  This is another crime that deserves only the "best" working on it's prevention.  Education plays a key role in it's prevention also.  So grab your hat, get your magnifying glasses, and your best disguise as we take on this next project.

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