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New technologies are dramatically altering every aspect of life from work to education.

In particular, multimedia technologies, like CD-ROMs and Internet websites produce new resources and material for expanding education.

I demonstrate how this lesson provides important tools for any content area of education, as well as making the reality of the collaboration vivid in the school environment. Also, multimedia can provide an important supplement to multicultural education, bringing the experiences of marginal and oppressed groups to the mainstream. The fields of science and math increasingly rely on technology for scientific visualization, data visualization, three-dimensional modeling and online searching. These technologies can be incorporated into interactive multimedia activities for students, often improving the motivation, learning, and academic engagement of students. It’s important that students get contact with the newer technologies for math and science, including the use of computer graphics, the Tablet PC, immersive virtual reality for scientific visualization and internet. This lesson support learning and provides applications for creative,

interactive project-based activities for elementary, middle and high school students that integrate the use of technology and build technology skills.

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