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  Multiple Authored WebQuests

1. Overview
2. Add an Author to Your WebQuest
3. Search for New Author
4. Add New Author
5. Other Things to Consider

Account Information Overview
Question from Our Users: "How can I gain publishing/editing rights to a webquest a co-author colleague of mine has created?"
The technique of having Multiple authors to manage a WebQuest (teamwork) had been requested for a long time and this feature is now available at ZUNAL. The new Team Authoring feature enables multiple authors to manage a single WebQuest.

The owner of the WebQuest (whoever created the webquest in the first place) will be the admin by default and all new authors you add to this webquest will be given co-author rights (update). Remember, the owner of the webquest (you) can easily create/manage/remove author accounts using this page. Remember: Every author can edit/update any section of the webquest but only main owner can delete the webquest completely. One more thing: please make sure to add authors you can trust.

Account Information Add An Author To Your WebQuest
In order to add a new author to your webquest (for teamwork) first you need to find their ZUNAL account. (Yes, the new author must have a ZUNAL account.) Go to Your WebQuest and click on About Author's page. You will see that the webquest creator's information is automatically added to this page. Therefore, you will not need to add your own information.
Image Upload
Figure 1. Screenshot of "Main Author" on About Authors Page.

Account Information Search for New Author
First things first: Let's search the new author's ZUNAL account via his/her email address. Please remember to search for the email address they used for their ZUNAL account. You do not need to search for your own email address, you are already main author of this webquest.
Change Content
Figure 3. Screenshot of "Find Author" on About Author's Page.

Account Information Add New Author
Once you find your new author at ZUNAL's database, click on "Add This Author".
New Auth

Author Added

Account Information Other Things to Consider

  1. You can add unlimited number of authors to your webquest. Just make sure to add only trusted people.
  2. You can be an added author as many webquests as needed. They will not count to your limit of webquests you can create with your free account.
  3. You can change the order of the authors any way you'd like (who goes first, who comes next on the list).
  4. All author's names will be listed on the about authors page automatically.
  5. A user can only change his/her profile information with his/her own account. Admins cannot change profiles for their subauthors.

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