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    • The hardest part in life is figuring out what you want to do. Once you realized that dream, then every single thing you do and every decision you make thereafter must be about making that dream a reality. Once you do that then trust me you will have no regrets. The struggles will be hard because nothing in this life is easy, but, once you start never stop until you achieve your goal no matter what people may say stay focus. I was told that I would never become a teacher but today I am a Principal and pursuing my Bachelors Degree. If you can dream it, work hard at it then you can achieve it.
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  • Jarrett'S World Of Plants
    In this web-quest you will all about plants and where they come from. You will also learn about how to care for your plants and the use of plants to the environment.
    Subject: Science | Grade: K-2
    Author(s): Pauline Jarrett
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