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  • Time To Buy A Car!
    Students will use online resources to manage a monthly budget, shop for a car, compare interest rates/loan options, and ultimately "buy" a new car! Applied concepts include percents, decimals, and loan interest. Students will use critical t
    Subject: Math | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): S Bollinger
    Views: 42,103 | Favorited: 30 | Reviews: (1)
  • Computers: A Journey From Past To Future
    Did you know that as we speak, monkeys are able to control robotic devices with their brainwaves? Have you seen the most powerful supercomputer in the world? This unit is packed with websites, videos, and interactive resources to explore the past, pr
    Subject: Technology | Grade: 9-12
    Author(s): S Bollinger
    Views: 45,195 | Favorited: 38 | Reviews: (0)
  • Media Literacy And Cyber-Safety
    A comprehensive guide to help students understand the many facets of the media, including tv commercials, advertising, entertainment, product packaging, and the dangers of the internet. Includes activities on cyber-safety and critical thinking skills
    Subject: Technology | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): S Bollinger
    Views: 6,436 | Favorited: 1 | Reviews: (0)
  • Perimeter, Circumference & Area
    Students will utilize various technology resources to learn the perimeter and area of rectangles, traingles and circles. Includes video tutorials for formulas and procedures. Students will use Cool Math, Math Goodies, and the Interactive Shape Builde
    Subject: Math | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): S Bollinger
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  • Character Traits (sjusd)

    Subject: | Grade:
    Author(s): S Bollinger
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