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    • The ideas that will help you start to finish while writing a resume! The first question that occurs to each one of us when we get down to writing a resume without resume writers services – “Where should I start?”. Of course. Here is a piece of paper that wants you to summarize, every bit of your professional & most of your personal life in just two pages! Well, now that is a challenge. Here are some tips on how you can get started… How do I start? One of the major causes for Man’s technological progress is his irresistible desire for fast pace. He wants to get to the top of the situation and fast. In this case, he wants to peek into your resume and know you inside-out. That is what your short introduction must aim at. Writing a resume can be easy once you have a crisp introduction of around 75 words. You can use this summary to help you elaborate into your complete resume. Here is an example – “A post graduate in Marketing with five years of varied experience and the creative ability of turning around brands”. This introduction summarizes your qualification, years of experience and hints at your interest in Branding. What comes first – Education or Experience? The next step is to decide what comes first. Weigh it for yourself. Years of experience, newness of education, relevant projects that were undertaken during your course that perhaps, give you the cutting edge. Writing a resume is as good as a writing a sales document. The most important ‘selling’ features come right on top. The other details follow in bullet points. What are the ‘Other’ necessary details? After you have tackled the start, it is easy to handle the rest of the resume. The other necessary details would include, any additional projects, your date of birth, permanent address. With the world turning a global village, it is becoming extremely essential to judge a person’s language skills. Make a mention of all languages and the level at which you speak, read & write them. What is the right format to present a resume? Like all things creative, a resume too, has no right or wrong format. But like all important documents, it is essential that you: - Check the spacing - Use bullets - Maintain a single font through the document - Use a font that can be clearly deciphered – formal or informal depending on the profile - Watch the alignment So, writing a resume could be simple after all! A bit of modesty wrapped with a bit of marketing – just works for a good resume. The resume needs to have a sharp introduction, a confident look & feel and crisp content. And when you have got all these elements, your resume is complete!
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