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    • Satine Beurard is a real estate residential entrepreneur and a successful Business Analyst consultant with several years’ experience in Banking and Financial sectors. Early life At the young age of 10, Satine took the decision to leave her parents to give herself the chance to have a better future. After a fire incident which led to the loss of their home, her mother became heavily alcoholic after the incident. Her parents had poor mindset compare to Satine that had a rich mindset. She knew her worth and knew she was valuable. In her own words: “ The real Obstacles and walls are first built in our own mind, if they don’t exist in your mind they don’t exist in your life truly people create their own reality”. Satine worked at many low paid jobs to support herself and her education. She also volunteered to work with a deprived and underprivileged family that was also battling alcoholism during her spare time. At the age of 17, she brought her first apartment five minutes from the sea in cash in Island Reunion in Boucan. At the age 18, she volunteered to join the French paratrooper in France in Pau, in 1st Parachute Chasseur Regiment. At the age 19, she finished her military service and decided to move to the United Kingdom in Manchester with no knowledge of the English language and only 700 euros in her savings. She worked for 5 years as a care assistant with disabled children and young adult battling with drugs, alcoholism addiction and depression. She also worked with severe nursing homes in the Great Manchester, Chester, and Liverpool. Satine took many contracts with NHS including the Countess of Chester Hospital, Liverpool Hospital, and Manchester Hospital. In 2002 with barely any education, she started to study few subjects in IT programming skills and analysis on her own. Later on, she transitioned from the healthcare field as a Nurse into the financial sector as an analyst. For her, every door was an opportunity. She has learned over the years not to focus on what she does not have but grossly focused on what she wants to create. This thinking impaired with her powerful mind and a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve in her life, she forged ahead. She started to work with Barclays Bank at the starting salary of 5.5 pounds hourly. Six months later, she emerges as a team leader in her department and consequently started to earn six times what she was earning. In 2005, Satine decided to move to London to compete against what she refers to as ‘the best’. She was starving to revolve her potential. She had a brief position at Thomas cook TV as holiday TV presenter, to re-enter the financial world again. She established herself as highly competent and proficient Business Analyst, working with companies like the umbrella company NICE, CITIGROUP, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Network rail, Lexis Nexis, CBRE, Pfizer, and the German company Bertelsmann. She harnessed the mind of a winner, driven and resilient. At the same pace of developing her professional career, she also invested in her real estate rental business. And so, she joined a builder training course to enable her to renovate her property by herself. She managed the marketing and accounting of her home rental. She faced many difficulties with this Business that she did not expect and sometimes felt very overwhelmed by some the conflicts. Satine did not have the privilege to receive any support from her parents, family or friends. She was alone and very isolated most of her life without others realizing her struggles. In her own words: "People have no idea what the word been alone really mean. In this world, trying to become somebody can sometimes show you how many people are not for you. It will be ok if those people were not your parents, friends, boyfriend and the so-called friends. You must believe in yourself and be for you, and you must not waste any second of your life doubting or criticising yourself as others are already doing this for you so well”. Today, Satine faces her challenges head-on with courage and determination. She has also built a wall of resilience around her which enables her to get back on her feet when she’s faced with difficult situations. Ultimately, her life’s dream is to inspire others with her journey, so that they can also build the life they desire. Her enthusiasm for real estate is contagious. Her parents were very poor people, they could not afford to buy a home. This experience gives her the drive to own her home and even more. However, also provide others with an affordable beautiful home that suits their lifestyle. The residential real estate can be sometimes and ugly and stressful Business, especially when you are alone. Satine is naturally analytical- she is currently studying in severe mastery to upgrade her skills. Conclusively, she is striving to become an architect analyst consultant. She is an impressive woman.
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