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  • My Future - My Career
    This WebQuest was created to provide 8th grade students the opportunity to research their future and possible careers. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a Career Fair Expo put on by a local college where students can go and talk with local b
    Subject: Life Skills / Careers | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Ben Bruce
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  • Aerospace Exploration
    You are a member of a design team tasked to explore the science of Aerospace. During this project you will be designing a paper airplane and a straw rocket. There are certain criteria that must be met along the way, so make sure you read the directio
    Subject: Science | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Ben Bruce
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  • Citizenship #scs
    This is a WebQuest to help students understand the importance of being a U.S. Citizen and a responsible Digital Citizen.
    Subject: Technology | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Ben Bruce, Olivia Garrott, Jennifer Lusk
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  • The Moon And Beyond
    Students make a plan to travel to another planet. They must determine how many moons are on their planet and compare how the moon phases might be different to the moon phases on earth.
    Subject: Science | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Ben Bruce, Stacey Foutch
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  • Simple Machines
    This WebQuest ties the Social Studies concepts of Islamic and African contributions of inventions, to the Simple Machines found in Science and Math.
    Subject: Social Studies | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Ben Bruce, Donna Gurchiek
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  • Rainforest/Biomes
    This WebQuest is designed for 6th grade students to learn more about the rainforest biome. Each subject area of Science, Math, ELA and Social Studies has their own part of studying various aspects included in their Tennessee standards.
    Subject: Science | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Ben Bruce
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  • Pbl Template

    Subject: | Grade:
    Author(s): Ben Bruce, Donna Gurchiek, Anonymous, Katie Bynum
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  • Invasive Species Dilemma
    Students will choose an Invasive Species to research and design a way to keep them from overtaking their local ecosystem.
    Subject: Science | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Ben Bruce, Jenna England, Anthony Whitten, Anonymous, Kyle Lane, Erin Sims
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