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  • Sylvia & Aki
    Created with a 5th grade classroom in mind, this multi-day, 6 activity WebQuest for the book, Sylvia & Aki, explores the lives of two young American girls living during World War II who experience discrimination and prejudice.
    Subject: English / Language Arts | Grade: 3-5
    Author(s): M Skayhan Dutra, Victoria Buchinger
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  • Energy Flow Through Food Chains, Food Webs And Ecosystems - Due October 5th
    During this WebQuest, students will research the flow of energy and matter from producers, to consumers and decomposers in food chains and food webs within an ecosystem. Students will also explore how any change to one part of a food web within an e
    Subject: Science | Grade: 3-5
    Author(s): M Skayhan Dutra
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