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    • True education must engage every facet of a person, not just the intellect. People are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beings created in the image of God. “Full understanding comes about not just through reason and empirical evidence (although these have important roles). We also need God’s revealed truth…” (VanBrummelen, 2009 page73) This combination of multifaceted engagement and biblical truth should be infused into as many elements of the educational program and its environment as possible. Educational psychologists recognize moral reasoning and emotional development are intrinsic facets of educational learning. (Slavin, 2009) Furthermore, education is not limited to what occurs within the doors of a building called “school.” Teachers and learners both approach learning within the societal constructs that they each hold as part of their community, and through their current and future roles in society, government, church, and family. All of this is brought into education with them, and it is the lens through which they perceive education. It is bigger than any one of the individual stakeholders concerned; which is what places education more into the sovereign hands of God than many educators are willing to recognize or remember.
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  • The Human Body-Our Brain
    Exploring and learning about the structures and functions of our brain.
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