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Bill of Rights Quiz/Social Studies
Bill of Rights Quiz

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Directions: for each of the statements below, match the correct alphabet with the right amendment number.

_______1. A. Gives the people the right to keep and bear arms.

_______2. B. Makes it clear that other rights, though not listed in Constitution,
will be retained by people.
_______3. C. Prohibits excessive bail or fines and cruel and unusual
punishment (torture).
_______4. D. Restricts the right of the gove
ment to quarter troops on people
_______5. E. States (1) that no person maybe deprived life, liberty, or
property process of the law.
_______6. F. Guarantees freedom from unreasonable searches seizure.
_______7. G. States that all power not granted to the United States or
prohibited to the individual states will be keep by states and the
_______8. H. Guarantees the rights to trial by jury in civic suits more twenty
_______9. I. Guarantees trial by jury, the to confront hostile witness, and
right to a defense law in criminal cases.
______10. J. Guarantees freedom of religion, press, assembly, and petition

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