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I have used the shortcut bar to attach to weblinks to my process page and after I have saved I can't see them. Where are they? Am I doing something wrong?


United States Zunal

Simply type/paste the whole url (starting http://) into the textbox and press enter. It will automatically activate the url.
I have entered the url twice and it does not show up at all!!!! HELP!!! I need to get this done before the end of the week!!!

United States Guest

Positioning the cursor and then clicking the chain icon and filling out the information is not working.

BUT ... I have a work-around for people who want a clickable link that is not simply the URL.

If you are using a title (a very good practice) rather than just the URL as described above ... type the words you want as the clickable link title, select and copy them ... THEN click the chain icon ... this anchors the link.

Paste into the title section ... and now copy and paste the URL into the URL section.

Also good practice to use the Open New Window option.

United States Zunal

Thank you "Guest"
Im new as well

United States Zunal