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Animated gif not working
My webquest in progress is: http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=52956

I have an animated gif of rolling dice that is working perfectly in my Task section. I have combined this animated gif with a static image and the combination works perfectly when I view it in any browser ... but ... it is not working once I upload to my introduction section.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

United States Zunal

Pictures are resized if too large. During this process the process, your gif file becomes static. Try to resize your image to 399 px width before uploading, your animation should be fine. I saw yor animation on your title page. It seems you are getting there. let me know if you need further help.
Thank you very much, I'll try that!
I have the gif dimensions down to 358 X 391 ... BUT when I upload it to Zunal it shows as 400 X and the animation is still not working. :(

Also when I display the gif in a browser the image size is reported as 497 X 391?!

I'm no animator, as you can tell ... but could you please advise? I'd love to get this working.
Update ... my bad! Fixed the animation width and now everything works ... and is the right size ... in IE.

The animation now works in Zunal ... BUT ... the initial static gif disappears ... leaving only my rolling dice.

*primal scream*

Any advice would be a huge help.

Thanks in advance!

United States Zunal

Of course.