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Single Spacing?
I have had no trouble single spacing until I started to create one of my pages in my webquest (Group Four).....how do I fix this?

United States Zunal

Use Shift+Enter
Hello, I have used shift + ENTER to create spacing, but with no success. Only the first box of each page seems to allow me to have spacing.

For example, I have many questions in my webquest and would like them to be formatted...
1) my name is

2) your name is

instead of....

1) my name is 2) your name is

Can you please help me with this issue? As my page looks messy and untidy having all of my questions bunched together on the same line continuously.

I have just re-read my question, it seems to do the same thing here as it does on my webquest page.





United States Zunal

It seems that you are using a computer with browser that has java scripting disabled. The page editor is unable to load on the text box to give you space. Please either enable the javascripting ot download and install the firefox browser. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/