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Link Goes directly to YouTube when Opened
I am working on a grad project on Zunal and had the problem before but because I couldn't wait for a response, deleted it, started over, then upgraded. Just now I had the same problem and need an immediate fix. My project needs to be sent now. I won't try to add sound again on Zunal but seriously need to recover my project to submit. If you could explain also an easier way to add sound, it would be helpful... or I'm going to tank this and go to another tool. Thanks.

United States Zunal

The audio you added to your webquest (title page) plays fine when tested with mozilla firefox. please try with mozilla. Some other browsers may behave differently like directing the url when you embed an audio to a page. if you cannot use mozilla/firefox because of limitations, we suggest that you add the resource as video.
It's posted as a video. Is it possible for you to just remove it for me, as it is going to create all sorts of problems and I need it viewable by anyone.

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It does the same thing on the title page when in Mozilla. Please tell me an alte
ative solution to deleting the youtube video on the title page. The webquest is useless with it embedded.

United States Zunal

Resource deleted.