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Moved and Lost My Previous Webquests

I have moved from Arkansas to Texas, and then back to Arkansas (looooong story).  Anyway, I have had a Zunal in all three locations.  But when I just upgraded my account and moved back to Arkansas this summer, I lost a bunch of webquests I created.  Is there anyway they can be located and linked to my new account?  Thanks!

United States Zunal

It seems that you have multiple zunal accounts and you created multiple webquests under each account. Now, when you upgraded oneof your accounts, you are seeing only the webquests you created on this certain account. We can help you merge all of the webquests under one account. However, we need to know whcih accounts they are since zunal lets you create one account for one email and we do not know your other email addresses. Please send a request message to support@zunal.com and send us the list of email addreses you used at zunal. We will look into them and merge all of the accounts under this pro version. Looking forward to hearing from you.