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Error Message on account/ Webquest recovery

I spent several hours working on a webquest yesterday.  This morning when I tried to log in, it said that my account did not exist. I reopened the account with the same user name and password, but I am desperate to recovery the 5 hours of work on the webquest I did yesterday as it is a school assignment that is due tonight.  My email address is bryaapri@isu.edu and the webquest was titled "Be an Astronaut."

I have emaild zunal at the help email address and the admin email address as well.

Thank you.


United States Zunal

Your webquest did not go anywhere. Here it is.

It seems that you have two seperate accounts. Here is the first account info:

email: aprilbrmt7@gmail.com
password: apriXXXXXX (replace xs with real characters).