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Where is my account?

I went to my account to get the URLs for my 4 webquests and it says I do not have an account.  When I entered my email address, it said I did not have one on file.  I started again from scratch, but now it appears I am a new customer with now history.

I have one month left on my current subscription.

This is the link to my most recent WebQuest   http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=325054

My other WebQuest are on Oscar Romero, Por el Amor del Agua, and La United Fruit Company and Pablo Neruda.   I did a search and cannot find them by name either.

I use these with my students.

Thank you for your assistance.  Iupdated my profile recently

Susan Terranova


United States Zunal

Hi Susan,
The email address we have for your account is sterranova@liberty.edu and the password starts with "Klon..." Please replace ... with the correct letters/characters. Once you login, you will find your webquests there. Please let us know if for some reason you have access problems.