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Process page isn't complete

I had a hard time figuring out how to add a hyperlink to the Process page.  I was doing it in the wrong order, so after I fixed that, the Process page will no longer completely load.  I have 4 steps on the page with hyperlinks after each step, but the page below the third step is now covered with an ad.  When I shut the ad down, the rest of the page still isn't visible.  Any ideas?  I'm doing this for a class assignment, so I need to get this fixed!

I just saw another questions similar to this one and it says we are not supposed to copy and paste text from websites.  I will have to reset.  Then how do we add hyperlinks?  The instructions for adding hyperlinks says to type the script, then click the chain button.  We have to manually type in the entire website address? 

United States Zunal

What browser are you using? Please try Firefox.