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Where did my webquest go?

I can find my webquest when I do a search but I cannot find it in my account and therefore I cannot make adjustments to it.  Below is my webquest.  Please help...I want to use it again this year.


Which Came First? 

Keywords: embryology, chicken, chick, egg
Subject: Science | Grade: 6-8
Author(s): Deborah Daehler
Views: 4230 | Favorited: 2 | Reviews:  (0) 
URL: http://www.zunal.com//webquest.php?w=138357

United States Zunal

You have two zunal accounts and you created a webquest under each account. Please use the other account to edit your webquest. Go to "Forgot Password" section if you need help with logging in.

I have the reverse problem.  When I type in the webquest link, it shows up.  However, when I do a search  - browsing, putting in my name or the name of the webquest - nothing comes up.  How come?   I believe I "published" it, and I'd like to send others the link.  Will it work for them?

Sorry.  My webquest link as per above question is http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=252993.



United States Zunal

See "Publish" section in the help document located at http://zunal.com/xhelp.php#collapse52 You published your webquest in "standard" mode rather than "featured" mode.