Guidance & Counselling Kit



Welcome: Guidance & Counselling Kit
Description: Welcome students of Grades 6-8 here you will become knowledge about time management and proper use of your devices
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Life Skills / Careers
Keywords: Guidance
Author(s): Keneisha Gilling


  • Who is in control, you or your device?
    Description: At this time your devices are no doubt important to you. You are even using a device as you read this. As a counsellor we encourge you to get with the time and be knowledgeable in the technological area. However, Iencourage you to not let your device control you. Find time to socialize in your homes. Especially in the height of a pandemic you may be forced to use your device for everything from school to church event events. I understand how you feel and that is why we designed this first file just for you. It should help you control your device and not vice versa. Have fun learning and come with 3 ways you are controlling your device.

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