Perimeter, Circumference & Area



Welcome: Perimeter, Circumference & Area
Description: Students will utilize various technology resources to learn the perimeter and area of rectangles, traingles and circles. Includes video tutorials for formulas and procedures. Students will use Cool Math, Math Goodies, and the Interactive Shape Builder, along with performance-based activities to practice skills. Students will use Microsoft Word 2007 to create a geometry assignment of their own. This includes opportunities for students to evaluate their own work. Math standards include geometry, number sense, algebra and math reasoning. Assessment methods include performance-based, multiple choice, written response ("short essay"), and personal communication. Students will need some prerequesite skills in solving simple algebraic equations. Includes basic video tutorials for Microsoft Word. Adaptable for students with or without keyboarding skills.
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Math
Keywords: geometry, algebraic expressions, area, perimeter, rectangles, triangles, circles, Circumference
Author(s): S Bollinger

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