Japanese Food Webquest, By: Kimberly C. & Gray B.



Welcome: Japanese Food Webquest, By: Kimberly C. & Gray B.
Description: In this webquest of epic proportions, you will learn all about the elegant Japanese food, and New Year's day. However... be careful. You wouldn't want to choose food that could be potentially harmful to your friends' needs/allergies!
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: webquest, kimberly, gray, japanese, food, japan, internet, anime, random, sushi, kawaii, culture, cultural, you, know, colors, school, grades, call, classroom, teachers, rubric, intro, I, this, characters, hobbies, work, working, pencil, games, web, quest, internet, his, her, him, she, child, kids, children, chairs, homework, home, work, chop, stick, chopstick, plate, allergies, needs, limitations, mom, guests, menus, colorful, forks, spoon, spork, dinner, new, years, year, tokyo, people, day, celebration, firework, fire, works, peoples, person, guest, table, ichigo, strawberry, strawberries, breakfast, break, fast, lunch, brunch, morning, dad
Author(s): Marina Lacy

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