Ground Zero: The September 11 Terrorist Attack



Welcome: Ground Zero: The September 11 Terrorist Attack
Description: The year 2001, the world had just celebrated the coming of the new millenium, and was finally relieved from the Millenium Bug anxiety. Everyone had a new hope for a better future and was looking forward for a smoother year, until one fateful day. It was September 11 2001, everyone in New York City thought that it was just going to be another typical day of business in the capital of the world. They never expected that it would be one for the history books. At around 8:46 a.m., New Yorkers and the whole world as well, was shocked as two passenger aircrafts slammed into the World Trade Center, America's symbol of economic grandeur, simultaneously. It marked the start of another era of terror and unrest, as what seemed to be the invulnerable United States had just been infiltrated by a group of terrorist, and gave them a wake up call that they will never, ever forget.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: Ground Zero
Author(s): Emmanuel Lim

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