Regions of the United States



Welcome: Regions of the United States
Description: Get ready to explore our big backyard! This WebQuest will allow students to explore the five regions of the United States: the Northeast, Southeast, Soutwest, West and Midwest. Students will break up into collaborative groups to work with a top secret mission being done by "T. Travel Agency," which has hired the class to assist in helping George Washington decide which region to stay in during his vacation. It is the groups' goal to try and persuade our first president to stay in THEIR region while he is visiting from the past. Whichever group puts together the best region proposal will become special members of the T. Travel Agency assisting with future time travel trips and will also get to vacation anywhere in the past. Fasten your seatbelts - let's explore our country!
Grade Level: 3-5
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: Geography, United States, Regions, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, West, Midwest, Travel Agency, Itinerary, George Washington, Tri-fold Board, Souvenirs
Author(s): Jill Burns

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