Creating an Eco-Corner for the School



Welcome: Creating an Eco-Corner for the School
Description: The students in the first year of Sociocultural and Tourist Animation will promote and organise a series of activities so that the students in Compulsory Secondary Education at IES Pino Montano (Seville, Spain) can use English to learn and take part in quizzes. Since the school is engaged in a challeging project to create its own vegetable patch and raise awareness of the dangers of climatic change and the necessity to protect the environment, the topic for the set of tasks will be the main environmental problems we are facing today. This WebQuest will be the basic resource for the Animation students to do their project and thus create the school Eco-Corner.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Foreign Language
Keywords: eco-corner, environment, English
Author(s): Elena González-guerrero

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