The Year of Tolerance



Welcome: The Year of Tolerance
Description: The UAE has taken an unprecedented initiative of giving each new year a humanitarian goal. 2018 marked the Year of Zayed and 2019 has been dubbed the Year of Tolerance. Your mission is to define what 1- Tolerance means 2- Explain what the Year of Tolerance means in the context that it was meant for 3- Offer examples of Tolerance in the UAE 4- Explain the lessons the UAE is giving to its residents and to the World. You will: a- carry an online research about the topic b- read articles, listen to news recordings about the Year of Tolerance Finally, You will create your own unique presentation in the manner you choose to explain the YEAR OF TOLERANCE to the WORLD. On this website you will find the resources you require to complete this assignment.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: English, ESL, ELL, presentation, authentic material, research, UAE,
Author(s): Tina Saad

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