Working with a Subject Matter Expert V2



Welcome: Working with a Subject Matter Expert V2
Description: Hey, all! Check out this new tool I found! I used it to create this "training" on working with SMEs for all of us in the training department. Give it a run through and see what you think. I'd like to try using this format to build some other online content for our LMS. >>>>>>When you work with a Subject Matter Expert (SME), they will often have tons of knowledge and information, but few skills when it comes to training. Our job is to ensure that the learner gets solid information in a way that will be user-friendly to him or her. By following this webquest, you will learn some of the ins and outs of helping your SME. >>>>>>>> Use the menu on the side bar at the left to work your way through each section. When you click on a link and it opens a new page, just close that page to get back to the training. Enjoy!
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Professional Skills
Keywords: training, goals, trainers, adult learners, subject matter experts
Author(s): Pamela Robertson

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