Preventing CLABSI



Welcome: Preventing CLABSI
Description: This course focuses on the prevention of central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI). It builds on students knowledge and skills related to care of Central Catheters for the bedside nurse in the hospital. Registered Professional nurses will learn proper dressing changes, medication administration, proper blood draw technique, care for line when not in use, sterile technique, proper hand hygiene, appropriateness of continued catheter use, central line removal process, and how to best provide patient education. Nurses will obtain practice skills in the practice laboratory, along with appropriate educational resources. Pass rate of 75% will be required on written tests, and nurses will be required to pass all skill tests. Remediation and re-testing will be provided for those how are unsuccessful. This course is a 4 Saturday course, 8 hours a day. An additional 2 hours of reading per week is required prior to each week’s course.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Science
Keywords: Nursing, CLABSI, Central line, Masters in Nursing
Author(s): Courtney Hibbs

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