Set Ups and staying safe.



Welcome: Set Ups and staying safe.
Description: This WebQuest is a combination of videos podcasts PowerPoints and other media to enhance reflection in students. The subject of setups as seen in correctional and forensic settings and covered in the curriculum of this training for schools of nurses and other interdisciplinary staff. Included in the WebQuest are psychological profiles, scenarios and empirical studies on study or correctional science. This work is an attempt to provide a brief effective and knowledgeable training for people who work and deal with inmates, correctional or similar populations. Preventing harm staying safe from being able to stop being set-up by inmates and getting fired is the primary goal of this WebQuest. There are three phases of this quest. One is informative, two is scenario practice and training in how to deal with and prevent setups. The third section is a rehash of what was learned, evaluation of these phases apply to the course being taught by this author at a local college.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Health / PE
Keywords: set-ups. psychiatric technician nurse. prison manipulators. mental health hospital. correctional nursing.
Author(s): Charles Caposino


    Description: How to be safe in unsafe environments.


  • DO YOU?
    Description: Ways to be a pushover in correctional environment

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