Welcome: Survival
Description: This web-quest is designed for educational purposes to meet the needs of A2 level learners following the European framework. The web-quest is designed to meet the educational philosophy of constructivism theory of learning to endorse collaborative work spirit. The aim of the web-quest is to apply the vocabulary and grammar covered in Grade six EFL Book, first semester, unit 4: "Survival" implemented by Ministry of education in Oman. Learners will collaboratively create a short text where they describe a dangerous situation and provide advices and solutions to solve that situation using sequencers . This project is of the text creation type. Learners are going to be provided with the necessary information through listening, reading and writing information request. Learners are invited in this project to practice the linguistic skills covered in the unit mentioned earlier to achieve the following objectives such: • Apply prior knowledge • Use deductive reasoning skills • Use the past tense of regular and irregular verbs to describe events in the past • Recognize and use sequencers: first, next, then, after that, later and a lot later to describe events and provide advices • Read and listen to different short/long texts for general understanding and specific information • Notice and understand the use of adverbs in sentences such as carefully, excitedly, quickly, quietly, slowly, and suddenly, and apply them in their writing. • Write short texts. • Use vocabulary such: Survival equipment: knife, map, mirror, tent, torch, rope, shelter, spade, water container, wire, candle, compass, hammer and nails. Adverbs: carefully, excitedly, quickly, quietly, slowly, and suddenly Technologies: learners are invited to collaboratively use the following technologies: Word processor, podcast, whatsapp, blogs, wikis, websites, emails and chats. Mental Capacities: Recalling, Evaluating, Analyzing, Applying, Understanding and Creating
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: Survival, stories, sequencers in writing, vocabulary of equipment
Author(s): Abdullah Al Shukri

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