Fulfill the Fantasy on a Fiddle Tune!



Welcome: Fulfill the Fantasy on a Fiddle Tune!
Description: Students will research the history of the "Fiddle Tune" used a the basic melody in Fantasy on a Fiddle Tune by Pierre La Plante. In addition, they will research the composer of the piece, Pierre LaPlante. They will research various performances from middle school bands on YouTube and compare them to the professional recording on JW Pepper Music. As a Wind Ensemble section, they will record their favorite section of the piece and explain why it is their favorite section as well as explain the section's importance to the over all piece. The section will submit their findings in class and the winning section will receive points toward the SECTION OF THE YEAR competition.
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Art / Music
Keywords: Fiddle Tune, Composer, Pierre LaPlante, Instrumentation, History, Performances
Author(s): Leigh Ann Mcclain


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